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    Cookies – by any means ‘strictly’ necessary

    8th March 2012

    Following our recent co-presentation on the new cookie law with the ICO, the different types of cookies that websites use are very much in our thoughts – particularly what is considered an essential or ‘strictly necessary’ cookie. The new cookie law is very clear on what comprises… see more

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    Will you say ‘yes’ to Cookies?

    31st January 2012

    On 26th May the ICO changed their rules on using cookies and similar technologies for storing information. One of the main changes to these regulations is that the site must get the user’s consent before storing any cookies on their device. A browser is being developed with industry-leaders like… see more

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    Cookies! The ICO’s half-term report says ‘Could try harder’

    5th January 2012

    Following the half-term report from the ICO last month, we have produced a White Paper on where the digital industry is up to in terms of meeting the challenge of compliance and taken a look at what can be done to start meeting the requirements and where we all go from here. We’re very… see more