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  • digiconsl

    How can digital help arts & culture organisations thrive?

    4th Feb 2014

    Digital technology is transforming various aspects of the arts and culture sector. From digital marketing and social engagement, to experiential and interactive technology, to experimental digital art forms – the potential impact is staggering. But arts and culture organisations also face huge… see more

  • 2014′s most important technology costs only £29.99

    3rd Jan 2014

    There has been much debate about wearable tech, about 3D printing, about ultra hi-definition tablets, but the industry changing innovation for 2014 is the same price as a pub dinner for two, and it’s available right now. In 1908 Ford launched the Model T. In comparison to its contemporaries, it… see more

  • Acts of Kindness (#actkind)

    13th Dec 2013

    As a project Manager at Reading Room I’m often asked to carry out tasks that I am assured fall under the category of “any other reasonable duties”, which can range from mixing cocktails to assembling furniture to acting as interpreter on our annual trip to Paris. This week was not exception,… see more

  • torville

    5 mobile design considerations

    12th Dec 2013

    I’ve made a fair few apps in my time; some good, some pretty bad.  The recent talk I delivered to the Digital Marketing Show at Excel attempted to synthesise a few of the things I’d learned along the way, into a concise 5 point list. Of course, the lessons I’d learned don’t merely apply… see more

  • simon

    Five key challenges facing digital professionals in 2014.

    25th Nov 2013

    Last week I had the privilege of being invited to Dublin to speak at T44U, TERMINAL FOUR’s annual user conference held at the Aviva Stadium. I was asked to speak on the subject of digital engagement and to identify and address the key challenges facing the audience. For those of you who are… see more