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  • The Idiot’s Guide to Mobile (Again) – Making mobile web work for you

    26th March 2013

    We actually published this ebook last year in Australia, but it proved so popular we thought we’d update it with more of a UK focus. We’ve called it an Idiot’s Guide to Mobile because you don’t need to be an expert to make mobile web a success – all you need is a bit of... see more… see more

  • Mobile Usability Testing

    Mobile Usability Testing

    10th January 2013

    “Content is content; context is King” I love that quote. I first read it in this book a couple of years ago. It hurtles through my consciousness whenever I’m confronted with the challenge of taking a desktop experience and making it a mobile one. When I first began working with mobile… see more

  • Ape with bone

    Mobile UX – part 1: We’re still human

    18th June 2012

    Q: When you think about mobile user experience – should you think first about designing for iphone, or designing for ipad or for a general smartphone?  The answer is “none of the above”. You should think “I’m designing for a human being – who happens to be using a mobile device”.… see more

  • 220x100

    Nielsen on mobile, pssst, heard of responsive?

    13th April 2012

    Having just read the .net article about Jakob Nielsen’s proposal for auto redirects to functionally and content reduced mobile sites I was more than a little disappointed. This is a man who’s books I have bought and read, who’s no nonsense approach to content first I have embraced… see more

  • gary_sm02

    Reading Room Manchester’s 2012 Predictions

    5th January 2012

    The last year has seen lot of fundamental changes in the market perception of what was required and where money should be spent in digital; partly driven by a continuing slashing of public sector budgets and charity funding, but also by the maturing of emerging concepts such as mobile and user… see more

  • customer-exp-sm

    Designing End-to-End User Experience – customer touch points and UX vision

    8th November 2011

    Everyone is talking about User Experience these days and no doubt your UX champion has instilled in you already by now the idea that User Experience expands far beyond the limits of your website presence. Your customers will of course have been assessing and mentally scoring your ‘usability’… see more

  • Navigation is Dead RR Blog Image 220x100

    Navigation is dead…eventually

    3rd November 2011

    Let me start by explaining that this is something of a hot/sore (delete as appropriate) topic around these parts; something that I have discussed at length (and in an absolutely mature fashion that didn’t include name calling at all) with friends and colleagues alike. I put it to you that… see more

  • bubble-small

    aUser research and the fruit to be found within demographic intersections

    14th October 2011

    Insights based on a single demographic can be interesting, but there is real value to be found when you delve into the intersections and cross sections of these.  The benefits of this to an organisation is more effective user experience resulting in a memorable web experience. Technological… see more

  • lorum ipsum

    Lorem ipsum dolor …. are you still reading?

    25th July 2011

    Do you ever have moments of clarity when you stop and think about something you’ve done for years and you suddenly realise it isn’t helping? I had one of those moments on a recent project – although thinking back it was something that had been nagging at the back of my mind for a while,...… see more