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  • Giving on the Go

    Giving on the go – Charities are missing out on mobile

    29th October 2013

    Over 72 per cent of people in the UK own a smartphone but only 37 per cent of charities offer a mobile optimised website. We reviewed the web presence of 30 of the UK’s most prominent charities and found that only a small minority are using either the mobile web or mobile apps to engage... see… see more

  • The Idiot’s Guide to Mobile (Again) – Making mobile web work for you

    26th March 2013

    We actually published this ebook last year in Australia, but it proved so popular we thought we’d update it with more of a UK focus. We’ve called it an Idiot’s Guide to Mobile because you don’t need to be an expert to make mobile web a success – all you need is a bit of... see more… see more

  • phone-small

    The smartphone: anti-tedium device

    12th February 2013

    Standing on a packed commuter train you only have to look around to realise that the bored blank stares are a thing of the past. There are no longer so many people leering over the shoulder of the person in front trying to entertain themselves with just a glimpse of a newspaper article or a... see… see more

  • Mobile Usability Testing

    Mobile Usability Testing

    10th January 2013

    “Content is content; context is King” I love that quote. I first read it in this book a couple of years ago. It hurtles through my consciousness whenever I’m confronted with the challenge of taking a desktop experience and making it a mobile one. When I first began working with mobile… see more

  • Ape with bone

    Mobile UX – part 1: We’re still human

    18th June 2012

    Q: When you think about mobile user experience – should you think first about designing for iphone, or designing for ipad or for a general smartphone?  The answer is “none of the above”. You should think “I’m designing for a human being – who happens to be using a mobile device”.… see more

  • whitepaper_small

    Download our mobile whitepaper

    30th May 2012

    Enjoyed Mobile makeover? Missed the party? Why not download our free whitepaper ‘An Idiot’s Guide to Mobile – and how to make it work for you’ to get you started! (If you really like it, why not tweet about it?)   Download White Paper… see more

  • mm_small

    Announcing Mobile Makeover Month

    25th April 2012

    Why not join us in May for our Mobile Makeover Month spectacular: a series of events aimed at getting your head around the maze that is ‘mobile’ and how to squeeze the best value out of the roaming masses. Speakers will explore how the mobile revolution (evolution?) has and will change… see more

  • 220x100

    Nielsen on mobile, pssst, heard of responsive?

    13th April 2012

    Having just read the .net article about Jakob Nielsen’s proposal for auto redirects to functionally and content reduced mobile sites I was more than a little disappointed. This is a man who’s books I have bought and read, who’s no nonsense approach to content first I have embraced… see more

  • gary_sm02

    Reading Room Manchester’s 2012 Predictions

    5th January 2012

    The last year has seen lot of fundamental changes in the market perception of what was required and where money should be spent in digital; partly driven by a continuing slashing of public sector budgets and charity funding, but also by the maturing of emerging concepts such as mobile and user… see more

  • ARsmall

    Time to Face ‘Augmented’ Reality

    2nd December 2011

    With almost half of internet users over 16 and living in the UK using Smartphones, it’s becoming obvious as to why augmented reality is progressively being integrated into Smartphone applications. AR is an artificial environment which is overlaid onto the real world and can be manipulated by… see more