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5th April 2012

A site that lasts.

You are about to spend time and money building a new website.

How long do you expect the site will last before you need to redevelop it? 2 years? 3 years? Longer?

Now think back to just 3 years ago….

  • The iphone was brand new,
  • The ipad didn’t exist
  • TV’s didnt come connected to the web as standard.

Now think about what will become commonplace 3 years from now…

  • Google Goggles?
  • Microsoft Kinect?

Fully Responsive Design

Building your site so that it can respond to the wide range of web connected devices already on the market will also help in ensuring that your site is well placed to adapt to the needs of future devices.

This was recognised by our client, Lewis Silkin. We were briefed to design and develop a website that didn’t treat mobile as an add-on, but recognised that within the sites lifetime, mobile would become the default browser technology.

Our solution can be seen at

responsive page design for lewis silkin

Changing Context

The site is fully responsive, adjusting layout and interface to respond to the requirements of a range of different devices, scaling smoothly between them to ensure the site looks great, whatever the device.

It recognises that mobile site visitors will be using the site in a different context to desktop users and provides navigation that adapts to this.

Any site that doesnt consider this change in the platforms and contexts that people consume web content is out of date before it leaves the drawing board.

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