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Facebook Campaign for BUAV

Facebook Campaign for BUAV

5th April 2012

Sienna Miller, a bunny, a Facebook app, and me.

We’re a big fan of all things social, so we loved the idea of doing a Facebook campaign for The British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV). It was only a modest campaign but one with some fairly hefty names behind it: Sienna Miller and Sir Paul McCartney – proving once again that size isn’t everything, even where Sienna Miller is concerned.

Facebook Campaign for BUAVThe campaign started in the autumn of 2011 and focuses on ending cosmetic testing on animals in the EU. The idea that after roughly 5,000 years of using cosmetics we still haven’t worked out what will give us a rash, and consequently need to test lipsticks on rabbits, is fairly absurd so we were keen to get involved.

BUAV asked Reading Room to help drive online signups to their No Cosmetics petition to stop cosmetics testing on animals. We developed a Facebook app encouraging sign-up to the petition and with a strong emphasis on advocacy. And since we’ve never been one for shying away from a challenge, we pulled the campaign together in double-quick time too.

Supported by a combination of Facebook Advertising and celebrity endorsement the campaign achieved an overall conversion rate of 19%, generating over 2500 signatures. During the campaign BUAV also saw a leap in engagement with their Facebook page gaining thousands of new page likes.

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