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From “mobile first” to “fridge first” – Moving the web into the real world

29th March 2012

Mobile first is a misnomer, mobile is just another channel and we need to get ready for the reality that as a digital agency, the term ‘digital’ will involve moving what we do away from dedicated devices and into everyday appliances.

Mobile First

We have now reached a position where we consider all sites from a “mobile first” perspective… we know that the majority of web-browsers will be mobile during the lifespan of any site we are now building, so display on a mobile device is a consideration for the creative, interface, tech, analytics, right from the start.

Beyond the mobile/tablet

But this is only the first step in the shift away from thinking about the internet being something you access through a pc or a mobile device… with smart connected tv’s already drawing in content and more and more consumer devices launching with net connectivity built into the hardware, we are seeing the inexorable move to a point where the content and data we serve through the net will need to be made available across myriad devices.  The gnarly old promise of net connected kitchen devices looks finally to become commonplace.

Device Agnostic

LG Flexible Display

LG Flexible Display

LG have already started shipping a flexible display and it should be in products later this year… we will be watching with keen interest at how we can best deliver content and engagement online in a completely platform agnostic way.

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  1. avatar James Hirst May 17, 2012 at 12:27 pm

    A quick update on this post – these chaps are launching a low cost, simple to implement and configure device that will bring internet connectivity to devices…


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